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Built on a Foundation of Strength.

We place your interests above all else…
that is the moral, ethical, and legal standard
we have chosen to be held to.


A Life Well-Lived and Well-Planned.

Wealth offers many advantages during your lifetime. But,
with the right plan, the greatest benefit will be the values
and core principles you pass on to generations that follow.


Discipline In the Face of Market Volatility.

The worst thing you can do when you encounter a bear…
is to run away.

Strong Family Wealth. Strong Family Values.

Fortiter et Recte” — the Elliott family motto means “Strong & Righteous.” These are the ideals we aspire to.

Fortiter Wealth Management serves families who know that success in life cannot be measured by the balance on a statement.

Our objective advice aims to offer the guidance you need to make the most of both your financial and your personal assets: your family, your values, your devotion to service and giving, and your vision for tomorrow.

We integrate our advice to include your investment portfolios, business interests, trust and estate planning, insurance, philanthropy and more.

Fortiter Wealth Management typically focuses on clients with assets in excess of $10 million. Yet the word “client” underestimates the value of the relationships we have built, because we believe our clients are more like family. We are grateful for the opportunity to join these families as they celebrate life’s greatest accomplishments and to comfort them during its most severe challenges. We consider it an honor and a privilege to do so.