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A Life Well-Lived and Well-Planned.

Several years ago, our founder’s perspective on providing advice to our clients was changed dramatically when he heard a woman speaker share that the average age a woman becomes a widow in America is 55. As the woman continued to tell her story about all of her challenges, he realized he was leaving the most important questions unasked and that he had an opportunity to serve his clients in a way that would truly make a difference in their lives. Investment management is certainly important, but our lives are about so much more than our portfolios.

At Fortiter Wealth Management, we believe our advice does more than enhance the wealth you’ve created—it also strives to help you leave a meaningful legacy for heirs and for generations to come.

By integrating all aspects of your financial life, we help you see wealth in its totality, not as individual, disconnected elements. We seek to develop strategic insights, tactical recommendations, and wise counsel to address all aspects of your financial life.