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Preserving Assets and Values for Generations to Come.

“Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”

It’s the universal saying that characterizes the fate of many family enterprises through the years. And it really is universal: the saying appears in cultures around the globe—clogs to clogs, rice paddy to rice paddy. It traps families around the world. How can we make sure it doesn’t ensnare yours?

At Fortiter Wealth Management, one of the most crucial components of your comprehensive wealth management plan is our focus on Trust and Estate Planning. We work with experienced estate planning attorneys to develop generational wealth transfer strategies and business succession plans designed to preserve the success you have created for years to come.

Just as important, we also work with your family to cultivate the values you believe in. Our experience in family governance and young inheritors education promotes family harmony and cultivates an appreciation for how success can improve the lives of others.

Trust and Estate Planning Services
  • Estate planning
  • Estate tax advisory services
  • Trust assessment and development
  • Family governance and business succession planning
  • Objective fiduciary oversight
  • Illiquid asset advisory services
  • Young inheritors education