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The Importance of the Fiduciary Standard.

After decades of experience at larger, multinational firms, we believe that it’s impossible to serve both your personal needs and their corporate mandates at the same time. Why is this important?

Many firms operate according to the “suitability” standard. The products and services they recommend must merely be suitable for your needs. Too often, firms operating under this standard encourage their advisors to sell solutions created by the firm above all others. If there are better solutions for you elsewhere, you may never find them.

You and your family deserve better. As a completely independent wealth management firm, no bank, investment house or other outside party has an ownership stake in our business. Accordingly, we have elected to register as an investment adviser and operate under the fiduciary standard. A fiduciary is required to act at all times in the best interest of their client. Fiduciary duty is widely considered to be one of the highest level of professional responsibility one party can have to another.

Fortiter Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.