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Giving Generously and Giving Wisely.

“Money is a great treasure that only increases as you give it away.”
— Lord Francis Bacon
“The world asks, ‘What does a man own?’ Christ asks, ‘How does he use it?’ ”
Andrew Murray

Many of our clients consider themselves stewards of wealth– their ultimate measure of success is how effectively they share their wealth with the world. Fortiter has had the privilege of helping clients make significant contributions to churches, ministries, medical research, orphanages, social services groups and many others.

Identifying causes you want to support is just the beginning of developing a philanthropic strategy. We also advise on legacy strategies that can make a lasting difference, integrate philanthropic goals with estate plans, and coordinate tax advisory services to ensure your gifts have their greatest impact.

Philanthropy Services
  • Goal identification
  • Organization screening
  • Value alignment
  • Gifting and tax advisory services