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Mitigating the Risks You See—and the Ones You Don’t.

“I find all this money a considerable burden.”
— J. Paul Getty

Could your greatest successes pose some of your most glaring liabilities? For entrepreneurs like you, the answer may be “yes.”

Wealth created through specific businesses or industries can often lead to portfolio allocations and asset accumulations that are heavily over weighted to those businesses or industries. When times are good, there may be no immediate cause for concern. But a downturn that affects the sector in which your wealth is concentrated could spell disaster for you financially.

Likewise, unaccounted-for tax exposure and underinsurance can also wreak havoc on your financial life in ways you may not anticipate on your own. At Fortiter Wealth Management, we continually monitor the array of negative risk factors you face. Our asset diversification strategies, tax advisory services, insurance reviews and creditor protection planning give you the confidence to embrace appropriate risks while avoiding negative ones.

Risk Mitigation Services
  • Market risk mitigation
  • Income and investment tax advisory services
  • Comprehensive insurance review and planning
  • Creditor protection planning